The tour starts at 7:00AM at the Flamenco Island in Amador Causeway — in front of Fuerte Amador Resort & Marina, behind Alberto’s Restaurant — in Panama City. You will check-in at the ship to start this adventure. The ship will cross under the Bridge of the Americas (Puente de Las Americas) and then start your transit through the Miraflores Lock, the first set of locks. After that you will find yourself transiting the artificial Miraflores Lake which is located just between the Miraflores Lock and Pedro Miguel Lock. You will still be in the Pacific Ocean. Then you will reach the Pedro Miguel lock you will ascend 9 meters in two steps.


Panama Canal Hotel is the place where serious adventure and relaxation meet. Your journey begins with crocodile hunting and monkey island hopping and ends with a restful swing in your own hammock. Hear the call of the wild, experience the sights and sounds of nature in your own background and witness wildlife on a whole other level at this Panama Eco Lodge. Panama Canal and the Panama Canal Hotel are the true experience for the true adventurist!


Starting with a pick up from your hotel or residence you guide will take you to the Panama City Harbor to start the fishing day. Step on your boat, check the equipment and listen to the security and safety briefing by the captain and guide. The tour starts, and we go out in the Pacific Ocean of Panama City looking for the best fishes in the warm tropical waters. Your guide is a professional fishermen and will help you with the best techniques and recommendations for a great fishing. Enjoy up to 6 hours of fishing and afterwards your guide will grill onboard the catch of the day for a relaxing time. The tour includes drinks and snacks and you can bring additional extras. At the end of the day your guide will take you back to your hotel.



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Go on an exciting helicopter ride from Panama City over to the Panama Canal. Flying at only 800 feet after take off you are treated to an optimum vantage point of the Canals’ system of locks. As you fly along side the Culebra Cut, a narrow passageway in the Canal, you are likely to see a ship passing through due to the fact that at this point in the Canal there is only room for one ship at a time.


The Panama Canal Train takes passengers from Panama City to the Colon train station through a scenic route with the Panama Canal, the Chagres river and tropical mountain range on both sides. For tourists wanting to visit the Forts and touristic areas of Colon, it is also combined with a City, Fort Tour and Caribbean Island “Isla Grande”.


The Panama Canal Boat Eco Tour is considered one of the best tours in Panama. This is an unforgettable experience. Check out the tour video to see if this type of adventure at the Panama Canal is for you


The Embera Indian Village Tour is a visit to the community of the Embera Tuscipono in the banks of the Chagres river. The tour starts on the port of Corotu, where you will embark on dugout canoes to travel up the Chagres river in an exploration were you will see waterfalls, exotic vegetation and a myriad of aquatic birds.

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