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Panama City Tour

Whats special about this Panama City Tour?

  • Its the most efficient way to get to know Panama City’s interesting spots in one day.
  • You will learn about the development of the Panama Canal and its economic impact.
  • You can get see the both the historic and modern aspects of Panama City.
  • It is offered by well versed, educated, english and Spanish speaking guides.

You will see as destinations of this Panama City Tour:

1. The Panama Canal Miraflores Locks: In the locks, you are able to see ships passing by and you can enjoy a documentary about the creation of the canal, its economic and strategic impact, and the upcoming expansion of the Canal.

2. The Panama Canal Museum: Interesting artefacts, props, and a close overview of the French and American ways to approach the canal construction.

3. Casco Antiguo: Also called San Felipe, it showcases a spectacular view of Panama City and visits to historic buildings such as San Jose Church, The National Theater, The Metropolitan Cathedral, The old Slave Market and the Old Spanish Prisions.

4. Mi pueblito: A replica of a typical Panamanian Colonial town with the “Pollera” museum, the typical dress worn by Panamanian women during “Carnavales”.

5. Amador Causeway: A beautiful site where 3 islands were united with the mainland by using materials removed during the Panama Canal excavations. You get to choose from several gourmet restaurants and enjoy the view from ships leaving the Canal and the city.

6. The Old Panama Ruins: A visit to the Old Panama Ruins, a strategic spot for the Spanish trade during colonial times.

 icon-dollar Pricing for the Panama City Tour for 5 hours or 8 hours:
$65 per person for 5 hours or $95 per person for 8 hours (2 passengers min.)

For reservations or inquiries call us:

In Panama: 836-5333
Toll Free (USA): (1-866)390-3451

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